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Established in 1964 with the support of the Ford Foundation, MUCIA is a not-for-profit consortium of three of America’s largest land grant research universities, including: Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, and The Ohio State University. In addition to the consortium universities, MUCIA has a sustained record of establishing partnerships with other non-member institutions of higher education, as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations, to design and implement technical assistance and educational projects. MUCIA has completed more than 100 international technical assistance projects and contracts, trained more than 5,000 international students, and conducted more than 2,000 faculty consultancies in 55 countries and seven continents.

Among the strengths that distinguish MUCIA in effectively addressing international technical assistance and educational projects are: Skill in managing long-term, complex, and geographically dispersed projects; An acknowledged leader in enhancing primary, secondary and higher educational programs and institutions abroad by improving educational policies, curricular and managerial effectiveness, professional development, research and outreach services; Proven excellence in providing instruction, research, and extension programs abroad in a range of academic programs including agriculture, business, education, engineering, law, medicine and the disciplines of the arts and sciences; Sustained experience and commitment to the design and implementation of academic training and professional development programs in the U.S. and abroad.

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